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ID Cards

ID cards are issued to all members of the Union College community. This is done, among other reasons, to identify you as a member of the community and as proof of your authorization to be on campus, and to allow you access to dining services and to your residence hall. You must carry your ID card with you and you are required to produce it upon request of a member of the Campus Safety Department or other authorized agents of the College. Refusal or failure to produce your ID card may result in conduct charges.

The Access Control office located in the Campus Safety Office issues all Union College identification cards. Lost cards must be reported to the Campus Safety Department in person. Dining Services must also be notified. A fee of $25.00 is assessed for each occasion a card is reported as lost or stolen. Any malfunctioning ID card can be returned to the Campus Safety office for a replacement at no cost to you.

The Union College ID card is the property of Union College and is to be used for purposes of identification and transaction of college business only. Any ID card which has been replaced is no longer valid and therefore must be destroyed.

Operation ID

This program is part of the department’s overall crime prevention program. To prevent thefts and help in the recovery of stolen property, the Campus Safety Department urges that you engrave all your valuables and keep an inventory of your property; stickers can be removed but it is much more difficult to obliterate engraved marks that have been located on an obscure place. Note the serial, model, and engraved numbers on the security inventory sheet.