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Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations

Union College requires that all motor vehicles (including motorbikes and/or motorcycles) using the campus be registered with the Campus Safety Department. First-year students are not permitted to have any vehicle on without permission from the Dean of Students office. If permitted, First-year students will be restricted to parking in the Nott / Seward and Roger Hull parking lots only. All other areas on campus will be off limits at all times of the day and night. Traffic enforcement will apply to those who violate this rule. 
Union College assumes no responsibility or risk for any vehicle, its occupants or property contained therein or thereon, while parked or driven on Union College property. Parking on Union College property is a privilege, not a right, and parking space is not guaranteed for each vehicle in any parking area. 

The Campus Safety Department will issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles, and if necessary, will tow vehicles at the owner's expense. No one is exempt from campus traffic enforcement.  Parking is allowed in approved lots within approved mark spaces.

For a complete list of regulations governing parking and driving on campus, including possible sanctions for violations, you may consult the Campus Safety Website or go to the Campus Safety Office for a hard copy, which you will receive when you register your vehicle. http://www.union.edu/offices/safety/parking/index.php 

*Compliance issues may also be addressed through the Student Conduct Code.