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Tuition Refunds

Voluntary Withdrawal | Tuition Refund

Any student who withdraws voluntarily or takes a leave of absence will be eligible for a refund of the comprehensive fee (less financial aid) based on the following schedule which is calculated as of the last day of attendance.

Withdrawal before the first day of classes 100%
Withdrawal during 1st and 2nd week 75%
Withdrawal during 3rd week 50%
Withdrawal during 4th week 25%
Withdrawal after end of 4th week No refund


Medical Withdrawals

Students are encouraged to request a voluntary medical withdrawal at any time that they believe that physical or mental health concerns are significantly interfering with the ability to be a successful student and/or that the demands of College life are interfering with recovery or safety. A medical withdrawal must be approved by the Dean of Students in consultation with campus health care professionals in accordance with College policy.

A student who starts the term and then withdraws for documented medical reasons from all courses for the term (marked on the academic record as course withdrawals),may choose a refund of the comprehensive fee based on the regular refund schedule (see above). Alternately, a student may request (1) a pro-rated credit for room and board based on the percentage of the term elapsed and (2) a tuition waiver equal to full tuition paid for the term to make up the missed courses later. A tuition waiver may be applied to the student’s final term prior to graduation if that is an extra term (beyond the date on which the student’s graduation would normally be expected.) A student may request instead that the tuition waiver apply to a fourth course charge in up to three terms in which the student is academically eligible to enroll in a fourth course. Questions about fulfillment of the 12-term residency requirement should be directed to the Dean of Studies.

If the withdrawn student does not return within six (6) months, they may be contacted to begin repayment on their student loans. Students should contact their loan servicer for any questions regarding their loan repayment options.

Should a student be unable to return following a medical leave, the student may be eligible for a tuition refund at the discretion of the Dean of Students. Refunds will be calculated as tuition less scholarships and grants.


Suspensions from the College include withdrawals for poor academic performance, for academic dishonesty, or for disciplinary reasons. Students required to leave during the term will not receive a tuition refund for the current term, but will receive a credit based on Union's medical withdrawal policy (see above). 

The current term will be counted towards the student’s residency requirement; thus, the student is not required to enroll for an additional term but rather can make up lost courses by enrolling in 4th courses or by transferring credits from other institutions, subject to the 4th course enrollment and transfer credit fees and policies outlined in the Academic Register. Students enrolling for an additional term will be charged regular tuition.

Any student who has been suspended may not transfer in credits from another institution during their suspension. However, students may be eligible to transfer credits taken later, at another institution, to make up for the incomplete course(s) with pre-approval from the Dean of Studies. The College is not responsible for any costs related to transfer credits. Charges for room and board will be pro-rated based on the percentage of the term elapsed. Credits for room and board will be applied to the student account at the time of withdrawal.


If a student has loans and withdraws from the College and does not return within six (6) months, they may be contacted to begin repayment.  Contact Financial Aid at (518)-388-6123 for more information.