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Sexual Assault Support

If you have been assaulted...

We have a 24-hour support phone line 
to help with a sexual assault 
388-6600 ext. 1 
It connects you to the counseling center 
during the day, or the counselor on call after hours 
Using this line is CONFIDENTIAL

Full name and title of contact person: Marcus Hotaling, Counseling Center Director
Full name of organization/office: Counseling Center
Website URL: http://www.union.edu/offices/health-counseling/counseling/
Email address: hotalinm@union.edu
Phone number: 388-6600 ext. 1
Short code number (for texting): none
Physical address: Wicker Wellness Center
Mailing address: 807 Union St. Schenectady, NY  12308

Use our reporting options brochure to get more information and learn more about options

The sexual misconduct policy in the Student Handbook provides information on Union's policies

If you (or someone you know) have been sexually assaulted or subjected to sexual harassment, relationship violence, or stalking, support is available. Consider all of your options!

Immediate Considerations

  • take steps to ensure your safety
  • seek immediate medical attention
  • preserve all physical evidence
  • call the sexual assault resource hotline an
  • advocate is available 24/7 to confidentially explain all available
  • resources and options
  • call campus safety and/or the schenectady police

Further Considerations

Medical treatment and counseling are strongly recommended in all cases.
You may choose to pursue any of the following reporting, judicial, and/or legal options:

  • Pursue internal (College) disciplinary charges.
  • Pursue criminal charges.
  • Pursue both internal and criminal charges.
  • Report the assault anonymously through the Campus Safety website (http://www.union.edu/campussafety)

You may choose not to participate in a formal reporting or judicial process and instead decide to approach staff in the Counseling Center, Health Services, and/or Campus Minister directly. These communications are strictly confidential.

Additional Information

Union College is committed to promoting a welcoming campus environment where sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, and stalking are strictly prohibited and recognized as unacceptable.

CAMPUS RESOURCES confidentiality level
Sexual Assault Resource Hotline STRICTLY confidential
(518) 388-6600 ext. 1
Counseling Center STRICTLY
(518) 388-6161 Wicker Wellness Center
Health Services STRICTLY
(518) 388-6120 Wicker Wellness Center    
Campus Safety (to file a formal complaint)      MOSTLY
(518) 388-6911
Title IX Coordinator MOSTLY
(518) 388-6865
Dean of Students MOSTLY
(518) 388-6116
Schenectady County Sexual Assault STRICTLY
Support Services (518) 346-2266
Ellis Hospital Emergency Room STRICTLY
(518) 243-4121
Schenectady Police Department According
(518) 382-5200 to NYS Law

STRICTLY Confidential: 
Conversations are all confidential and can be anonymous.  Except in rare, extreme circumstances, nothing will be shared without Complainant’s explicit permission.

MOSTLY Confidential: 
Conversations are kept as confidential as possible, but limited information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators and a Title IX Coordinator so that the College can take action if necessary for reasons of safety.  In planning any response, the wishes of the person are given full consideration.

According to NYS Law Confidential: 
Exploratory conversations are confidential. Police reports, with identifying information redacted, may be available to the public upon request.