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FAQs for Faculty, Coaches, Administrators

What are my obligations?

If you become aware of an allegation of sexual misconduct that involves a student member of the Union College community, you must promptly inform the Director of Campus Safety, Chris Hayen (388-6911), of the situation, share whatever information you have learned, and strive to follow the guidance provided below.

  • Be open about your obligation to share what you have learned with the Director of Campus Safety. The person you are talking with may be concerned about the loss of confidentiality and/or control. You can offer assurances that College officials are mindful of these concerns and, except in cases of serious threat to the complainant or campus community, they will not take action or share information without the complainant’s knowledge and consent. The information you share will be treated as confidentially as possible.
  • The Campus Safety Director may need to consult with other administrators including the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • The Vice President of Student Affairs may need to take action in the interest of safety, but in planning any response the wishes of the complainant are given full consideration.

What if I have questions about an account of sexual misconduct?

Feel free to call Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Trish Williams (388-6116/6061), or the Director of Counseling Services, Marcus Hotaling (388-6161). Either one can answer questions, identify options, and help the discussion go smoothly.

General strategies to keep in mind

Recognize that the person talking with you is likely in need of support as well as information.

  • Listen attentively and non-judgmentally.
  • Take note of any information shared with you but do not push for details.
  • If you are talking with a potential complainant, do what you can to let that person make decisions about what happens next while being mindful of the requirement to report any alleged incident.

Affirm that Union College takes sexual misconduct very seriously and that the College policy prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports an incident of sexual misconduct.
You can describe the available resources and options on this Sexual Assault Resource website and on a helpful brochure found at the right. Resources and options include:

  • Sexual Assault Support 24-Hour Hotline 388-6600 ext. 1 provides strictly confidential professional counseling and/or medical services.
  • People wishing to file a complaint can go directly to Campus Safety 388-6911, Dean of Students Office 388-6116, or Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators 388-8327. All of these persons will coordinate with one another as necessary. People can go to wherever they feel most comfortable.
  • There are internal disciplinary procedures for sexual misconduct, as well as the option for criminal investigation with the Schenectady Police Department. Criminal and disciplinary options can be pursued simultaneously.
  • College officials will notify the Schenectady Police Department of an allegation of sexual misconduct provided the complainant consents to his/her name being disclosed to the SPD.
  • There are accommodations for persons who have experienced sexual misconduct and steps the Dean of Students Office can take to minimize the impact of an incident and to provide a safe educational environment. Accommodations include no-contact orders and changes to academic and/or living arrangements.
  • You can also alert the person to the Complainant’s Bill of Rights contained in the Sexual Misconduct Policy in the Student Handbook.

What details do I need to provide the director of campus safety?

You must share whatever information has been shared with you including the names of any individuals involved, the details of the incident, and the complainant’s wishes regarding next steps.

What kinds Of sexual misconduct do I need to report? 

You need to report any incident that might fall within Union College’s definition of sexual misconduct including: sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, relationship violence, or stalking. For more details see the Sexual Misconduct Policy in the Student Handbook.

What happens after I file a report?

The Title IX Team, which includes the Senior Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Conduct (Trish Williams), the Director of Campus Safety (Chris Hayen), and a Deputy Title IX Coordinator, will assess the information you have provided and, with input from other College officials, will take appropriate action. If your report includes names or other identifying details, the Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Trish Williams, will reach out to anyone experiencing sexual misconduct to make sure they have access to accommodations, support, and options for taking action. The Senior Associate Dean will not contact any individuals accused of committing sexual misconduct until a complaint has been filed or an investigation has been initiated.

Once I have filed my report with the director of campus safety, do I have other responsibilities?

  • No. Once you have filed a report, your reporting obligations are complete. You should preserve any notes you may have taken or give them to the Director of Campus Safety.
  • A Title IX Deputy Coordinator will be assigned to the case in order to provide updates to the complainant and respondent. You may continue to talk with the person who shared the information with you. Please keep the Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Trish Williams, updated if you learn new details or if the situation evolves.

Will the Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Trish Williams, update me on what happens?

  • No, due to the need to protect the privacy of the parties involved and the confidentiality of Union College’s sexual response system.
  • However, you may be involved in some of the next steps; e.g. helping to arrange an accommodation, speaking with a fact-finder, or even serving as the complainant’s advisor if the person seeks your assistance.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern regarding Union College's policy on sexual misconduct or this guidance and faqs document?

You may contact the Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator, Gretchel Hathaway (388-8327, hathawag@union.edu).