Outcome Letter

Sexual Misconduct Policy - The Outcome Letter

The outcome of the Judicial Board will be final and communicated to the complainant and respondent in writing, usually within seven (7) business days from the date the hearing is concluded. The notification of each party should occur at or near the same time.

Both parties have the right to be informed of the findings of fact, decision, rationale for the decision, and sanction (if any), in accordance with applicable law.

The imposition of sanctions will take effect immediately and will not be stayed pending the resolution of the appeal.

The College reserves the right to notify parents/guardians of dependent students regarding any health or safety risk, change in student status or conduct situation, particularly alcohol and other drug violations. The College may also notify parents/guardians of non-dependent students who are under age 21 of alcohol and/or other drug policy violations. Where a student is not dependent, the College will contact parents/guardians to inform them of situations in which there is a significant and articulable health and/or safety risk. The College will notify the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators of the outcome and also reserves the right to designate which College officials have a need to know about individual conduct complaints pursuant to FERPA requirements.