Informal Resolution

Sexual Misconduct Policy - Informal Resolution

Informal resolution is designed to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. An individual wishing to employ an informal resolution of a complaint will meet with the Dean of Students or designee who will explain the process and options available to the student. The Dean of Students Office may seek to resolve certain sexual misconduct cases through an informal process involving both the complainant and accused. (For example, a complainant and respondent may agree with the office that education and training for the respondent are an appropriate and sufficient conclusion. If, based on the information provided about the incident, the Dean of Students Office believes such a resolution is possible and appropriate, the office will speak with the complainant.  If the complainant agrees, the office will then speak with the respondent. If both the complainant and respondent are satisfied with a proposed resolution and the office believes the resolution satisfies the College’s obligation to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students, the resolution will be implemented, the disciplinary process will be concluded and the matter will be closed. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the disciplinary process will continue. Before starting these discussions, the Dean of Students Office will notify the complainant and respondent that each has the right to end the informal process at any time. The College will not use informal resolution for cases involving allegations of sexual assault.

The Dean of Students will maintain records of all reports and conduct referred for informal resolution. Informal resolution will typically be completed within thirty (30) business days of the initial report.