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Loren Rucinski

Director of Facilities and Planning

Phone: x6076
Email: rucinskl@union.edu.
Loren has been with Union since 1986, and has worked as Campus Planner, Assistant Director and Associate Director of Facilities before becoming director. Loren is responsible for Facilities Services and Campus Planning.

Marc Donovan

Assistant Director of Facilities, Utilities Management & Construction

Phone: x6396
Email: donovanm@union.edu
Marc joined Union March 2013 and is responsible for utilities management, as well as all utility construction projects.

Paul Matarazzo

Associate Director of Capital Projects & Properties

Phone: x6398
Email: matarazp@union.edu
Paul has been with Union since 1996 and has worked as Structural Shop Manager and Assistant Director of Building Services before becoming Capital Projects Administrator. In his new position he is responsible for all construction projects on campus as well as administering college rental properties.

Mary D'Amelia

Director of Special Events, Conferences & Support Services

Phone: x6085
Email: dameliam@union.edu
Mary has been with Union since 2001 and is responsible for coordinating campus events, central scheduling, special event planning and support services.

Tom Heisinger

Manager of Grounds

Phone: x6752
Email: heisingt@union.edu
Tom has been with Union since 1988 and is responsible for the maintenance of the campus grounds and roadways.

Rich Patierne

Manager of Building Services and Work Order Systems

Phone: x6187
Email: patiernr@union.edu
Rich has been with Union since 1990 and previously was the Manager of Building Services. He is responsible for managing and scheduling our new work order system, as well as the Building Maintenance group, the Structural group, and overseeing Cleaning Services.

Patti van Leeuwen

Manager of Support Services

Phone: x6393
Email: vanleeup@union.edu
Patti has been with Union since 2004 and is responsible for the efficient operation of the front office, stockroom and receiving departments.

Meghan Haley-Quigley

Manager of Sustainability & Green Initiatives

Phone: X6765
Email: haleyqum@union.edu
Meghan joined Union in May 2012 and is responsible for engaging the campus community to reduce the ecological footprint of the college.

Gary Thomas

Manager, Central Utilities and Cogeneration

Phone: x6388
Email: thomasg@union.edu
Gary has been with Union since 2006 and is responsible for electrical improvements and repairs as well as energy conservation projects.

Steve Hassett

Supervisor of Technical Building Controls

Phone: x6774
Email: hassetts@union.edu
Steve joined Union in January 2013 and is responsible for all building controls on campus.

Dennis Chotkowski

Supervisor of Building Maintenance

Phone: x8357
Email: chotkowd@union.edu
Dennis has been with Union since 1995 and leads the building maintenance staff.

Mike Connelly

Supervisor of Structural Trades

Phone: x8352
Email: connellm@union.edu
Mike has been with Union since 1997 and is responsible for carpentry/masonry, painting, the lock shop, and small construction projects.

Maria Mancino

Supervisor of Day Cleaning

Phone: x6414
Email: mancinom@union.edu
Maria has been with Union since 1986 and is responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of administrative buildings and dorms.

Scott Montgomery

Supervisor of Plumbing and Heating

Phone: x8773
Email: montgoms@union.edu
Scott joined Union in 1989 and was previously a Stationary Engineer in the Plumbing and Heating Group, which he now supervises.