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Meet the Staff

Joe Casino

Building Maintainer

Beuth House; Breazzano House; Edwards House; Golub House; Hickok House; Football Stadium; Potter House; Raymond House; 2 & 4 Nott Street; 36 Union Avenue; 1294 Lenox Road

Dennis Chotkowski

Supervisor of Building Maintenance

Abbe Hall; Feigenbaum Hall; Grant Hall

Guy French


In charge of all trucking, set-ups and maintenance as needed.

George Beaudoin


In charge of all trucking, set-ups and maintenance needs

Rich Holton

Building Maintainer

Alumni Gym; Bailey Hall; Butterfield Hall; Olin Center; Science & Engineering Center; Steinmetz Hall, Wold Science Center

Anthony Bucci

Building Maintainer

College Park Hall

Walter (J.R.) Johnson

Building Maintainer

Karp Hall; Nott Memorial; Reamer Campus Center; Schaffer Library; Lippman Hall

Rich Stabinski

Building Maintainer

Arts Building; College Park; Fero House; North College; Richmond House; Taylor Music Center; West College; Yulman Theater

Gary Vernon

Building Maintainer

Becker Hall; Lamont House; McKean House; Memorial Chapel; Smith House; South College; Wells House; 17 South Lane; 69 Union Avenue, Memorial Fieldhouse, Viniar Athletic Center

Ron McDonald

Building Maintainer

Davidson House; Everest Lounge; Fox House; Hale House; Milano Lounge; Old Chapel; Silliman Hall; Webster House