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ONESolution Online (formerly IFAS)

ONESolution (formerly IFAS) provides web-based financial, human resource, and payroll applications for the campus.  The goal of this system is to provide timely and accurate financial information to all account directors and their support.  ONESolution Online provides access to the following:

  • Budget to Actual Reports
  • Transaction Detail Reports 
  • Income Statement Reports
  • Accounts Payable and Purchasing Information 
  • Vendor Lookup (checks to employees and students cannot be viewed)

Employees who submit and approve purchase requests, as well as employees in Finance and Human Resources will need the ONESolution Desktop application. This software can be installed as part of the request for access. Details on how to request access are below.

Access to ONESolution

ONESolution online site: https://www.union.edu/ifas/

If you already have access, use your standard Union email username and password. Type "union\" in front of your user name and leave off the "@union.edu".

To request access, please fill out an ITS account request form (Login with your standard Union username and password).  You may also use this form to request a change in access to the system. If you have any questions about access please contact Ryan Donelan, Financial Systems Analyst, at (518) 388-6127 or donelanr@union.edu.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for an account to be created.

Training and Support

Please contact Ryan Donelan at (518) 388-6127 or donelanr@union.edu for training or questions on how to use the ONESolution online site.

Please refer to the ONESolution (IFAS) Login and Reporting Guide for documentation and tips on how to use the system.