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ONESolution (IFAS) - FAQ

I'm having trouble logging in.

Your username and password are the same as you use with you login to your Union email account.  Please note that the Login field (username) requires "union\" in front of your standard Union username.     i.e.   union\smithj   If you need to reset your password, you will need to contact the ITS Helpdesk at (518) 388-6400.

How do I get access to ONESolution (IFAS)?

For access to ONESolution, you must request an account by filling out an ITS Account Request Form.  Fill out all required information.  If you are a department chair, director, or departmental support staff, access will be provided to all accounts under the department you specify.  This includes access to all Departmental, Research, Grant, and Special Activity accounts.  If you are a faculty member, administrator, or coach, you will need to provide the specific accounts for which access is required.  If you need assistance, please contact Ryan Donelan at (518) 388-6127 or donelanr@union.edu.

How do I reconcile my accounts?

The Transaction Detail Report will provide you with all transactions for a given date range.  It is recommended that you use this report on a monthly basis to reconcile your accounts against your receipts.  You will be notified by Financial Services when a month has closed (i.e. all transactions for the month have been posted and recorded within ONESolution) and you are free to generate this report for a prior month. 

How much money do I have remaining in my account?

The Budget to Actual and Encumbrance Report will provide you with a bottom line dollar amount in a given account at any point in time.  For a specific account balance, specify the Account Code on the selection criteria screen and leave all other fields as defaulted.  The report will display a summary by object code of all expenditures for the current fiscal year.  Following this summary, you will find your account balance less outstanding encumbrances.