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Flexible Spending Accounts

Over 200 Union employees utilize Flexible Spending Accounts annually to reduce their income tax burden. The program is administered by ADP as they are able to offer several enhancements such as; debit cards for health care expenses, 24-7 online access to your account and expert advice.  Reimbursements are processed daily by ADP and we encourage employees to sign up for direct deposit with ADP to receive reimbursement in the fastest and most efficient manner. Please note that the debit cards are provided for your convenience. Do not activate the card if you do not want to use the debit card, you can destroy the card or keep it inactive in the event that you decide to use it at a later date. 

The link to the ADP web site to access your account:  https://myspendingaccount.adp.com/

Your user name is your last name, first name.  eg. John Smith would be Smith, John

Please note that some functions such as receipt upload do not work with Chrome. PC users should login using Internet Explorer and Mac users should use Firefox.

Login to http://spendingaccounts.info/knowledgecenter/ for additional information including brochures, how to guides and a Decision Support tool for determining how much to elect.

ADP Customer Service 1-(800) 228-5762

Employees using the Health Care Flexible Spending account have until March 15 of each year to incur claims and until March 31 of each year to submit their claims for reimbursement.  Employees using the Dependent Care Flexible Spending account have until December 31 to incur claims and until March 31 to submit claims for reimbursement. 

Remember, re-enrollment each calendar year is not automatic.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joanne Herrick at x6105 or Human Resources at x6108.