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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO's) should be used when any acquisition of goods or services exceed $2,000.00. If the total amount of goods and services is less than or equal to $2,000.00, use Union Credit Card. All PO's follow Union College's Purchasing General Terms & Conditions.

Competitive Bidding

Competitive bids and/or quotations should be obtained by the Purchasing Office or requisitioner prior to any Purchase Order being issued. The following guidelines apply:

Total Order Value

  • $500 - $2000 Quotations may be solicited if desired
  • $2,001 - $10,000 At least 3 quotations by telephone or written bid will be obtained
  • Over $10,000 At least 3 formal written bids will be solicited, contact Purchasing Office

Only purchases involving sole source vendors or preferred vendor relationships do not require competitive bidding. Such examples of sole source or preferred vendors are:

  • When the purchase is for services related to equipment and such services are highly technical or specialized in nature
  • When the purchase is for parts or components specifically designated by the manufacturer
  • When the goods or services can be obtained from only one source
  • When no other items meet the reasonable specifications
  • When Union College entered in a preferred vendor relationship

Final responsibility in determining whether goods or services are from a sole source provider rests with the Purchasing Office

PO Instructions
  1. Obtain the PO form from the Purchasing Office by calling 388-6107 or emailing Purchasing.
  2. Type or print all information in the designated fields on the PO including the vendor information, delivery locations, goods or services required, estimated freight or delivery charges, and account(s) and object code(s).
  3. Obtain the appropriate signature(s) of the Account Director(s) paying for the purchases.
  4. Attach all quotes, competitive bidding information, and other information to the PO form. If competitive bidding was not obtained due to a sole source situation, please provide a written description with the backup documentation.
  5. Send the completed form and all backup information to the Purchasing Office (McKean House).
  6. The Purchasing Office will review the requisition for completeness and accuracy. Any suggested changes will be reviewed with the requisitioning department.
  7. The Purchase Order will be signed by the Director of Purchasing. Any orders that total over $25,000 will require approval and signature from the V.P. of Finance.
  8. The Purchase Order number will be issued and will be faxed and/or mailed directly to the vendor by the Purchasing Office within 24 hours.
  9. Accounts Payable will encumber the PO amounts against the appropriate account(s) and object code(s) listed on the PO.
  10. In the event that the department feels that the goods or services have not met the terms and conditions specified in the PO, the department should notify the Purchasing Office immediately to expedite resolution.
  11. Accounts Payable will receive the invoice and send a copy to departments with an "OK to Pay" email. The invoice and all charges should be reviewed for accuracy. The "OK to Pay" email should be returned to Accounts Payable as soon as possible to ensure timely payment.