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Purchasing FAQs

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions:

What are PO's and when do I use them?
Information on Purchase Orders and detailed instructions on how to process them can be found on the Purchase Order page.  To better understand when you should use a Purchase Order, click HERE.

Where do I get more PO forms?
PO forms can be obtained from the Purchasing Office by calling 388-6107 or emailing Purchasing.

How do I get a tax exemption form for a vendor?
Complete information on tax exemption can be found on the Tax Exemption page.

What is the WB Mason website address? How do I order from WB Mason?
The WB Mason link is: https://www23.wbmason.com/default.aspx
Only authorized individuals designated by Account Director(s) may receive WB Mason access and order supplies for their department. Contact Purchasing to receive access and instructions on using WB Mason.

What is Union’s Enterprise/National Car Rental account code?
The Union College account code XZ24B51 MUST be used for all bookings with Enterprise and National. Please click here for more details.