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Student Charges

2016-2017 Student Charges

Annual Trimester
A.  Comprehensive Fee $64,374 $21,458
B.  Off-Campus Housing Rebate $6,255 $2,085
C.  Off-Campus Board Rebate $4,614 $1,538
D.  Laundry Usage (resident-students only)
$75 $25
   Student Health Insurance See below

All other charges, such as the Dance Practicum, International Program Fee, Mini-Terms, Health Service Fees, Bookstore charges, additions to Declining Balance Meal Plans and fines are based on actual usage.

A. The Comprehensive Fee includes tuition, room, board and fees for all full time students.

B. Students not living in College owned housing will receive the housing rebate.

C. All full time students are required to participate in a Meal Plan. Students not living in College owned housing may opt for only the $200 declining balance meal plan per term and receive the board rebate.

D. Resident students are billed a flat fee each term for unlimited use of the laundry facilities.

Health Insurance

Union requires that all students have health and accident insurance.

International students are automatically enrolled in the annual insurance plan provided by HTH Worldwide. This coverage is mandatory and as such there are no waiver options. The 2016-2017 annual cost  is $1,532.  More information is available here.

Domestic students (US citizens) have the opportunity to waive or enroll in the Student Health Plan. Coverage is effective Sept. 1, 2016 through Aug. 31, 2017 and the annual cost is $1,187. Individuals who wish to continue coverage by the student health plan, or would like to begin enrollment for a period earlier than indicated above, should select the annual “2016-17 plus August 2016 coverage” when they sign up. The cost of insurance for the month of August is $98.92. Student athletes whose season begins prior to September should enroll for the August 1 start date.

The deadline to waive the Student Health Plan is August 12, 2016. 

Students should log on to Gallagher and scroll down to Union College to waive or enroll for coverage.