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Medical Leave

  • Students who are in on-going therapy can apply for a medical leave by speaking to their clinician.  Staff will review the request in their weekly staff meeting to evaluate the appropriateness of a medical leave and determine the criteria for return.
  • Medical Leaves must be taken by Week 8 of the given term you would like the medical leave taken.
  • Depending on when you take the medical leave, you may not be able to return the next term (e.g., if you take a leave in Week 8 of Winter term, this would only leave 4 weeks before Spring term began, which is not enough time to address the medical issues).
  • If you take a medical leave, you will be required to receive ongoing counseling by a licensed mental health clinician to address the issue(s) that led to the medical leave in order to return.
  • You will need to sign a release of information for your clinician for the Counseling Center staff to speak to your clinician to discuss follow up care upon your return from medical leave.
  • LOA Community Provider Form