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Click on the images below to view various apps that can help you lead a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Screeners and Mood Trackers

ALTGAD-7 Anxiety Scale   ALTAdult ADHD Screener      
ALTYBOCS OCD Test    ALTOptimism Mood Tracker   
ALTT2 Mood Tracker

GAD-7 Anxiety Scale                                                              



Anxiety Reduction

ALTAnxiety Coach    ALTExam Support  
ALTNature Melodies   ALTHappify   
ALTStop Panic and Anxiety Self Help  ALTStop Stress Pro 
ALTAnxiety Free mindshift appMindshift

Panic Attacks

ALTPanic Attacks?    ALTPanic Attack Eliminator      
ALTPanic Attack TalkDown  ALTAbate Panic Attacks


Relaxation and Deep Breathing

ALTUniversal Breathing- Pranayama   ALTBellyBio Interactive Breathing   
ALTBreathe2Relax    ALTTactical Breather   
ALTDeep Relaxation  ALTMy Breath Lite
ALTOmvana ALTTake a Break!- Guided Meditations   
ALTGPS For The Soul

Mindfulness Meditation

ALTMindfulness Bell  ALTStop, Think & Breathe
ALTInsight Timer- Meditation Timer ALTCalm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax
All-In-Yoga All-In-Yoga   ALTMagic Window- Living Pictures

Diet and Nutrition

ALTCalorie Counter and Food Diary  ALTCalorie Counter and Diet Tracker  
ALTLose It!    ALTWeight Watchers Mobile  
ALTMy Fitness Pal    ALTDaily Burn Tracker


ALTRuntastic GPS Running, Walking and Fitness Tracker ALTNike Training Club
ALTDaily Ab Lifting   ALTDaily Arm Workout  
ALTDaily Butt Workout    ALTuntastic Sit Ups Trainer PRO
ALTRuntastic Push Ups Trainer PRO


ALTSleep Pillow Sounds     ALTSleep Cycle Alarm Clock   
ALTDeep Sleep  ALTSleeping Tips, Using CBT
ALTProactive Sleep Alarm Clock  ALTiSelfhelp - Insomnia
ALTSleep Diary

Suicide Prevention

ALTOperation Reach Out       ALTSuicide Prevention  
ALTASK & Prevent Suicide     ALTsafeTALK Wallet Card     
ALTHope Box

Substance Abuse

ALTSubstance Abuse   ALTOneHealth Meeting Finder