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Health Professions Advisory Committee Application Overview

The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) at Union reviews the credentials of all candidates applying to doctoral programs in medicine. Candidates are typically reviewed by the committee as either juniors or seniors, dependent upon individual applicant timelines. The committee evaluates applicants based on the same criteria used by professional schools:

  1. Grades - both math/science and overall grade point averages

  2. Extracurricular involvement-including clinical experience, research, volunteer work, campus involvement, leadership skills, work experience

  3. Personal Essay

  4. Interpersonal skills demonstrated during interviews with committee members

  5. Evaluation letters
    * No more than  four letters (ie. 2 science, 2 non-science letter writers)
    *Health Professions Advisory Committee members do not write letters for students for this process. 

Steps for Committee Review:  

  1. Attend mandatory Health Professions January meeting. 
  2. Review the HPAC Timeline 
  3. Complete all required Health Professions Office forms
  4. Complete Health Professions Advisory Committee online portfolio
  5. Collect no more than four evaluation letters.   
  6. Complete two one-hour interviews with HPAC members

    Contact (518) 388-6300 for details.