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Union College Health Professions - Building a Portfolio for Success: Application Process Schedule


January-April of the Year Prior to Admission:

May and June

  • Initiate your centralized application using a professional sounding email account.
  • Attend the Mandatory Health Professions Office May Informational Meeting.
  • Wait until you see your MCAT/DAT/OAT/GRE/PCAT score before submitting applications!
  • Request that official transcripts be sent to the centralized application service.
  • Submit your application to the application service and print two copies including your designated school list. (one for our office, one for your records)
  • Maintain a tracking system for managing primary and secondary applications, checks, and status of your application
  • Turn in a copy of your submitted official application and school list to Jennifer in Bailey Hall 101. Include a one page formal update letter if your committee review was done before the current year.
  • Complete and return all secondary applications you receive from schools within a two week time frame.

Committee letters will be sent to schools on a rolling basis - earlier is better.  Note: successful applicants typically complete their primary application by mid-June and their secondary applications by August. Do not wait until the fall term - this is when you could be interviewing!