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Health Professions Office Forms

File Retention Form

Electronic submission here

Health Professions Advisory Committee Materials

Request for Review Form

The Health Professions Advisory Committee review process can be initiated mid-January through mid-February each year but only following consultation with the Health Professions Office. 

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Information about the pros and cons of waiving access to your materials here.

Evaluation Forms

  • Print as many copies of the two forms below as you will need. Submit no more than four (4) letters, (ie. two (2) from science faculty and two (2) from non-science evaluators).
  • Complete the top portion of the Evaluation Form including a signature and a date.
  • Distribute the Evaluator Instructions and Evaluation Forms to individuals who have agreed to write on your behalf.

It is helpful to provide individuals with a copy of information from your application.

(pdf version: Evaluator Instructions and Form)