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Obenzinger Memorial Endowment

Ronald Matthew Obenzinger Class of 1961

  • Endowed scholarships
  • Work-study positions in public health
  • $1000 cash prize
  • Considerable prestige

A memorial endowment to support your pre-medical education at Union College

At the College, Ronald M. Obenzinger '61 was a member of the Pre-Medical Society and the Concordiensis as well as an officer of his fraternity, Kappa Nu. Graduated as a pre-medical major with standing in the top twenty percent of his class and accepted for enrollment that fall at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Ronnie looked forward to his next step toward becoming a doctor.

Despite a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Disease in the summer of 1961, he decided to begin his medical school studies. Regrettably, his worsening illness caused him to withdraw within a few weeks of the first term. He died in March 1962.

Ronald's parents, Nathan and Romana Obenzinger, have established a permanent endowment in his memory at Union College to support the efforts of other students who dream, study and work toward becoming a physician.

How To Become an Obenzinger Scholar

1. Sophomores and Juniors who plan to apply to allopathic medical schools and who are eligible for financial aid must apply to become Obenzinger Scholars for their junior or senior year.

2. Your Application should consist of a 1-page personal statement, a recent transcript, calculation of your math/science GPA, SAT scores, plus two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers, religious leaders, or someone who knows you well. Letters should describe your potential for success in the medical field. Your application may duplicate the credential file submitted to Health Professions Advisory Committee (this is preferred), but must be submitted separately in a manila envelope.