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U Are A Treasure Program

The program rewards exemplary Staff and Administrative performance through a Certificate of Achievement and a prize selection from the Union College Bookstore. Reward recipients will be selected by Human Resources from faculty, administrator or staff nominations. Nominations should be submitted in writing to Human Resources.  Human Resources will then make a determination of merit possibly based on input from the employee’s supervisor, department head or responsibility center head.

Noteworthy activities to be considered for nomination may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Suggestions to improve department or college operations;
  2. Suggestions and/or implementation of time or cost saving changes;
  3. Dedication, resourcefulness, creativity and/or initiative on a project or activity;
  4. Significant effort above what a position requires. (To reinforce the need for continual creativity, initiative and positive change both successes and non-successes should be recognized). Final selection criteria is at the discretion of the Responsibility Center Head.

Certificates and reward selections are available college-wide with the reward from the Bookstore not exceed the amount of $50 dollars.   Prizes and Certificates of Achievement will be arranged by Human Resources.