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Worker's Compensation

To provide for payment of medical expenses and partial salary continuation in the event of a work-related injury or illness, employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation. An employee injured or becoming ill on the job must report such injury or illness to his or her supervisor immediately. It is the joint responsibility of the employee and the supervisor to report all work-related injuries or illnesses to Campus Safety within 24 hours. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to arrange for prompt medical treatment, for completing the legally necessary reports, and for making certain that the condition which caused the injury is corrected. The employee is responsible for providing written medical updates and related information to the supervisor and Human Resources on a regular basis. Failure to report an injury or illness in a timely manner or to keep the College informed of your medical status may result in the delay or loss of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

If the illness or injury is certified as job related, medical expenses and partial salary continuation will by paid through N.Y.S. Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Employees unable to perform his or her responsibilities will be placed in a temporary light duty position developed and agreed upon by the employee’s doctor, Union’s Workers Compensation carrier, and Human Resources. Should a light duty position be unavailable the employee will be placed on a leave of absence.

Preferred Provider Organization

First Health Network is a Preferred Provider Organization that PMA utilizes and the providers enrolled are found in the FHN directory.  You can access this directory via the PMA homepage at www.pmagroup.com.  Click on First Health Network off the "quicklinks" link on the webpage.
This is user friendly and prompts you through the process very easily. Numerous provides are available, just enter a zip code search request.  In doing a search for 12308,  Ellis Hospital and the Occupational Health are in FHN and provide you medical services as your point of entry provider for first aide and injury management. Specialists can also be found in this network if injuries require referral and the worker is seeking assistance in finding a specialist.

TMESYS Pharmacy Program

Most if not all pharmacies such as Eckerd, CVS, Rite-aide and other national providers are very familiar with this system. Walmart, K-Mart and Target are also participants. The only pharmacist that might not participate are small owner/operator pharmacies.  The TMESYS program is cardless. The injured worker needs to tell the pharmacist that there is a workers compensation injury being treated and give the pharmacy the claim number (this is available immediately when the employer reports the injury and uses the Web reporting process on the PMA web site) and advise the pharmacist that PMA uses TMESYS for their pharmacy program. There is no cost to the injured worker and TMESYS reprices retail costs from vendors for cost savings to the file.
Brochure - When You Have A Work Related Injury or Illness