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Get Ready to Stop Smoking Webinar

In support of A Union of Wellness, a Get Ready to Stop Smoking workshop is available as a webinar!  Provided by CDPHP, during this workshop participants will:  

  • learn about the negative impact of smoking and why it is so hard to quit
  • create an individualized quit plan
  • complete a self-assessment tool to identify your personal smoking triggers and plan coping strategies
  • learn about tools and resources available to help you quit

You can view the webinar any time of day! For your convenience, the workshop handouts are attached.

To access the webinar:

  1. view the online event
  2. Select the “Playback” Option.
  3. Complete the registration information (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name, and as applicable, CDPHP Member ID/Birth Date)
  4. You may choose to view using the WebEx add-on or Java. 
  5. At the end of the webinar, a Survey Monkey evaluation will appear, please take a few minutes to provide feedback on this program.