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The Program


Students admitted into this eight-year Leadership in Medicine Program spend four years at Union, where they complete undergraduate and graduate courses. The Program includes:

The First Four Years

  • Bachelor of Sciences in (Biology, Chemistry Physics or Math) and an interdepartmental major in the Humanities or Social Sciences
  • Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership or Master of Business Administration in Health Systems Administration
  • a special summer program in bioethics
  • a health services practicum exposing students to the business of medicine
  • a term abroad or international experience

Clarkson University’s Capital Region Campus is located one block from the Union College campus. In four years students complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science or Master of Business Administration degrees before heading off to Albany Medical College. To complete the BS and MS option takes four academic years and one summer of study. The BS and MBA option is completed in four years but will require an additional summer of study.

Students in the Leadership in Medicine Program must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher to continue in the Program. Students are not required to take an MCAT before becoming students at the Medical College.

The Second Four Years

Upon arrival at Albany Medical College, students enter a rigorous curriculum where basic and clinical sciences are integrated to support a problem-solving approach to learning. During the four years of medical school, instruction extends beyond the classroom as students complete formal clerkships in rural, urban, managed care, or private settings. Continuation of education and training in the business side of medicine occurs throughout the four years of medical school with special emphasis in a seminar series and a practicum during and after the first year of medical school. Graduates are awarded the Doctor of Medicine degree and matched to internships or residencies. For more information, please see www.amc.edu