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Minerva Programs

The Office of Minerva Programs administers the Minerva Housing Program, the Minerva Fellows Program, the First-Year Pre-Orientation Experience, and the Minerva Mentors Program.

The seven Minerva Houses broaden students' out-of-class experience both academically and socially. Every Minerva has its own student-run governing council, elected annually by fellow classmates and chaired by a faculty and student representative. Each also receives a generous budget to host special events. The Minerva Houses are run by and for the Union community, receiving only supportive guidance from administration.

The Minerva Fellows Program is an innovative, entrepreneurial global service program that illustrates Union's commitment to helping its students seek wisdom far beyond campus.

The Pre-Orientation Experience allows incoming first-year students to participate in a wilderness adventure program or a community service program before the beginning of regular First-Year Orientation.

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Pre-Orientation Experience