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Minerva House Contacts

Beuth House

Faculty Rep: Ellen Foster fostere@union.edu
Student Rep: Caitlyn Tabor taborc@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Caitlyn Tabor taborc@union.edu and Alexis Bernstein bernstea@union.edu 
House Coordinator: Lynn Guo guol@union.edu (for scheduling)

Messa House

Faculty Rep: Gail Golderman goldermg@union.edu
Student Rep: Jacob Zipkin zipkinj@union.edu 
Council Chair(s): Emily Ehrlich ehrliche@union.edu and Caitlin Williams williamc@union.edu 
House Coordinator: Jacob Zipkin zipkinj@union.edu (for scheduling)

Breazzano House

Faculty Rep: Kristin Bidoshi bidoshik@union.edu
Student Rep: Jack Wassick wassikj@union.edu 
Council Chair(s): Christopher Yao yaoc@union.edu and An Nguyen nguyena2@union.edu 
House Coordinator: Pranav Shrestha shresthp@union.edu (for scheduling)

Golub House

Faculty Rep: Chris Duncan duncanc@union.edu 

Student Rep: Ian Vogt vogti@union.edu

Council Chair(s): Allison Smith smitha@union.edu and Emma Stein steine2@union.edu 

House Coordinator: Gianluca Avanzato avanzatg@union.edu (for scheduling)

Green House

Faculty Rep: Laura MacManus-Spencer macmanul@union.edu
Student Reps: Garret Fitzgerald fitzgerg@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Sarah Ellerthorpe ellerths@union.edu and Max Stwertka stwertkm@union.edu 
House Coordinator: Jordan Thompson thompsj2@union.edu (for scheduling)

Sorum House

Faculty Rep: Jen Matsue matsuej@union.edu
Student Rep: Jonathan Adsit adsitj@union.edu
Council Chair(s): Nam Bui buin@union.edu and Brandon Zahler zahlerb@union.edu 
House Coordinator: Meghana Damaraju damarajm@union.edu (for scheduling)

Wold House

Faculty Rep: Peter Bedford bedfordp@union.edu
Student Rep: Arielle Singer singera@union.edu 
Council Chair(s): Paige Isser isserp@union.edu and Drew Lenz lenzd@union.edu
House Coordinator: Erkan Bertram bertrame@union.edu (for scheduling)