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Application and Selection Process

Minerva Fellows are selected during the winter term.  There are information sessions in the fall.  Applications are due in mid-January. Interviews are scheduled in February, and decisions are announced shortly thereafter.

There is no formal application to be a Minerva Fellow.  Outstanding Fellows are caring, committed, creative, driven, responsible, mature, adventuresome, entrepreneurial, prudent, and more. The applicant is free to provide whatever material makes the best case possible. Demonstrate what makes you tick and convince us that you will be the best Minerva Fellow ever. If your grades are outstanding, include a transcript; if you have strong references, use them.  Some applications have been traditional with an essay, transcript and references; other applications have been in poetry, a scrapbook, sculpture, a video.  There are no restrictions.  The application itself is part of the application.  Fellows have been selected from the full range of applications.  Past Fellows have been valedictorians and prize winners; past Fellows have barely graduated; all past Fellows have possessed an internal drive and a big heart.

The selection committee generally consists of two students, two faculty members, two administrators and one past Minerva Fellow.  Applications receive a preliminary screen, and around 25 are selected for an applicant interview.  Regular applicants are interviewed for 20 minutes; wild card applicants are interviewed for 40 minutes.

All members of the committee are equal.  Decisions are made after extensive discussion that usually leads to a consensus.  To some extent, the needs of the vetted locations are taken into account.

2018-2019 Minerva Fellows Important Dates:

  • January 16:  Deadline for all applications! Submit in person at Office of Minerva Programs or email to mcevoyt@union.edu
  • January 29:   Notification to applicants whether they will move on to an interview
  • January 30 & 31:  Sign up for an interview slot in the Office of Minerva Programs
  • February 6 & 7:  Interviews  
  • February 8:   Notification of Fellowship Award to Minerva Fellows and alternates*
  • February 15:  Selected Fellows confirm with Office of Minerva Programs whether they are accepting or declining Fellowship

*Note that if you receive a Fulbright or Watson Fellowship, Minera Fellows policy dictates that you must accept the Fulbright or Watson and decline the Minerva Fellowship.