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Learn Something/Teach Something

Grant Program

Learn Something/Teach Something grants allows students, faculty, and staff to explore new areas of learning, acquire new skills or knowledge, and then share what they have learned with other members of the campus community.

You can apply for a grant to learn almost any kind of skill or area of knowledge, as long as it isn't currently offered at Union. For example, you might learn:

  • A style of dance or song
  • An academic topic not taught at Union
  • A language
  • How to create or fix something - a style of knitting, pottery, origami, weaving, car repair, etc.
  • A form of sport or game
  • An interest - antique cars, slam poetry, birding, graffiti artists, anything you can come up with!
  • A social skill - creativity, political organizing, leadership

You can bring your new knowledge back to the campus community in many formats – a single workshop or a series of classes or even individual lessons.  It can be aimed at a large group or a small number of students.  In any case, you must have a carefully planned, structured method of instruction.   

Applying for a grant:

  • A grant can be awarded a maximum of two people, including students, faculty and staff.
  • Grants can cover costs of both the learning and the teaching component.  Grants will typically be for maximum of $500; additional funding will be considered for projects that offer unusual potential benefit to the campus.
  • Applications are due on Friday of weeks 3 and 7 of fall term, week 3 of winter term, and week 3 of spring term.  Applications are submitted electronically. 
  • The application form and more information about grants can be found here: (APPLY HERE)
  • Applicants MUST attend the House Council meeting following their application submission in order to answer any questions the council may have.