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Graduation Information

Union offers the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

A Union education is a four-year integrated living and learning experience.  Our curriculum is designed to enable a student to achieve the breadth and depth that mark the graduate of a liberal arts college.  There is a structure in the movement of our curriculum from first to senior year, a structure that ensures the intellectual sophistication and maturity that we want our graduates to have. 


To qualify for a degree, a student must:

  1. Satisfactorily complete 12 terms of study at Union, including 36 term courses plus any additional courses taken as electives or to satisfy program requirements.  The engineering programs require 40 courses over 12 terms.  Please see exceptions to the requirement of 12 terms of study in the section, "Academic Calendar and Enrollment Requirements."  For two-degree programs, refer to the section, "Combined Degree Programs." 

  2. Satisfactorily complete requirements in the Common Curriculum (General Education);

  3. Satisfactorily complete requirements in the major field, degree program, or interdepartmental major, including senior capstone requirements such as a senior thesis, as applicable;

  4. Attain minimum cumulative indices of 1.80 overall, and 2.00 in the major (and 2.00 in the minor if a minor has been declared).

To graduate, a student also must have paid all sums due to the Finance Office, must have made satisfactory provision for payment of any other financial obligations assumed while in college, and must have returned all books and materials borrowed from the library.

The individual student is solely responsible for assuring that the program presented for graduation fulfills all requirements, both in general and in specialized study. The Office of the Registrar should be consulted when questions arise about the satisfaction of graduation requirements. The "Intent to Graduate" form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office as per the specified deadline.  For questions concerning graduation, please contact Mr. Drew Lentz Assistant Registrar, at lentza2@union.edu.

To sign up for a Senior Audit with Mr. Lentz, click on Make An Appointment (You can sign up during any term of your senior year. Dates are updated before the start of each term, so if there are no dates left during the current term, you can wait for the next term)

Click to download the Graduation Registration Form


A senior who is one course short of completing degree requirements will be allowed to participate fully in all aspects of the June commencement ceremony.  The degree will be conferred the following December 15th, pending a final audit of requirements.  The diplomas will be mailed to the student provided that all financial holds have been resolved.

A senior who is more than one course short of completing degree requirements may participate partially in the commencement ceremony, as described below, if all of the following criteria are met.

  1. The student is in his or her fourth year at the College.
  2. The student has earned 27 course credits by the end of winter term.
  3. The student is registered for a full course load for the spring term, and
  4. The student will be within six courses of completing their degree by the end of spring term.

Students who are more than one course short of completing degree requirements will march in following their classmates and be seated behind the last group of graduating seniors.  They will not cross the stage.  Their names will not appear in the commencement program but will be read by the Dean of the Faculty.  If they complete their studies by the following December 15th, their diploma will be mailed to them provided there are no outstanding financial obligations.

Students wishing to participate who are more than one course short of graduating must notify Mrs. Gail Sack of their intent to participate no later than the Monday prior to the commencement ceremony.


Union College recognizes academic distinction by awarding some undergraduate degrees summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude, these Latin honors signifying various levels of the graduates' cumulative grade point averages. The faculty has the responsibility and authority for setting the levels necessary to attain the various honors. Standards are summa cum laude (3.80 or better), magna cum laude (3.65 or better), and cum laude (3.50 or better). To be eligible, students must have taken at least eighteen courses toward their undergraduate degree while enrolled at Union. Latin honors are calculated for graduating seniors at the end of the winter term. If a student's spring term grades elevate their gpa such that they qualify for the next higher level of honors, then a new diploma will be ordered upon receipt of the old one.


Individuals who meet the following criteria will be eligible to receive a Bachelor’s degree from Union subject to the registrar verifying the accuracy of relevant data, the recommendation of the Chief Academic Officer, and the approval of the General Faculty, as it approves the granting of degrees.

  1. A candidate spent at least three years in residence at Union.

  2. A candidate was in good academic standing, i.e., had not been dropped for academic deficiencies, when he or she left Union.

  3. An advanced degree was later earned in a recognized and legitimate field of study at an accredited institution or program. Note:  If the undergraduate area of study was in engineering, the advanced degree must be in the same field.  If it is not, the degree conferred will be a Bachelor of Science.

  4. A candidate has not earned a bachelor’s degree from another institution.

  5. All degrees granted by Union College require the approval of the Board of Trustees.