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Religious & Spiritual Life

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life supports numerous religious, spiritual and values based worldview organizations and welcomes student initiatives in forming others. It provides you with ongoing support and resources to enhance your spiritual journey and your corporate practice. Several volunteer spiritual advisors are here to support you.  There is a staff person from the Roman Catholic tradition, three advisors for our two Jewish groups, a Protestant minister, and advisors for the Muslims and Hindus. The director of Religious and Spiritual Life offers support and guidance to other student groups including hosting religious leaders from a variety of places and perspectives. Union values religion as a crucial part of cultural diversity and student identity and is dedicated to building religious fluency among our students.

In supporting eleven distinct religious and worldview student organizations and interacting with seven spiritual advisers serving as volunteers to those groups, we try to model the pluralism we value.  We advocate for the inclusion of religious and spiritual exploration in student identity formation. We hope that students:

  • Understand some of basics of their religious or spiritual observance as it informs their lifestyle as well as their life choices
  • Identify the resources and  experiences that will facilitate their religious spiritual and worldview development
  • Develop a reflection method that increases a pluralistic understanding of those whose worldview, religious or spiritual observances differ from their own
  • Integrate intellectual life with spiritual teachings, practice or experience