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Protestant Religious Programs

The Campus Protestant Ministry has a leadership core of 22 students, and is sponsored by over 18 area Protestant churches and organizations as well as some very generous individuals.  Students and church groups interested in learning more about the Ministry should contact staff advisor Reverend Viki Brooks.

Students and staff share their experiences with CPM 

What is the Mission of the Campus Protestant Ministry?

  • Presence: Maintaining a Protestant identity while hosting an interfaith presence 
  • Action: Strengthening campus and community relations 
  • Reflection: Reflecting on experiences to give life meaning 
  • Support: Supporting the campus community

What is the Campus Protestant Minister's Job?

  • Offering spiritual guidance 
  • Providing a non-judgmental listening presence 
  • Facilitating discussion of religious materials that are presented in a classroom context 
  • Guiding exploration of ethical issues 
  • Serving as a resource for questions about Christian faith

Campus Protestant Ministry Programs

  • Dinner and Discussion around Diversity- Student-facilitated dialogue focusing on the search for meaning, authenticity and purpose  Visit DDD on Facebook 
  • Weekly Fellowship Time - Questions of faith and its practice are discussed 
  • Weekly Prayer & Reflection Time - Open to the campus community 
  • Spiritual guidance and support 
  • Help locating a church home in Schenectady 
  • Sponsorship of lecturers on topics of faith 
  • Social events

Community Service Opportunities

The projects selected by the group of students associated with the Campus Protestant Ministry vary from year to year. Historically we have been involved in the Capital Area AIDS walk, the Schenectady Area CROP walk, Better Neighborhoods and the Community Land Trust. Our participation in the Community Land Trust (a housing rehabilitation project) has spanned eight years, involved over 7 houses and earned us the CLT award for group participation in 1999.

Areas of Service:

  • Hunger Relief
  • Homes & Homelessness
  • Health & Support for the Ill and Elderly
  • Education & Service to Children
  • Advocacy or Umbrella Organizations
  • Office/Clerical Opportunities

Service without reflection is a fleeting experience. In the hope of deepening the connections between community work and faith, the Campus Protestant Minister is very intentional about providing time and resources for reflection following community service projects. Many significant insights have been reached by students about the causes of poverty in Schenectady and ways students can address those causes.