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Summer Break Housing

Any students who wish to stay over Summer Break must fill out the Break Housing form linked to from below.  Students who are not planning to stay in housing during this time are expected to be out of their living space within 24 hours of their last final. Please complete the above form, you will only be contacted by our office if there is a concern or problem with your form.

Policies and Procedures: All standard policies and procedures may be found in the student handbook (accessible from this page here) are in effect for students that stay on campus during break. Documented policy violations will be handled in the same manner that they would during the traditional school year, and you may be asked to leave the campus until winter term starts.

Dining hall options are very limited and students are responsible for their own meals.

Click here to complete the form for Summer break Housing (Due: Friday, May 12, 2017 at 5 p.m.)