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Housing Selection

***NOTE: The Housing Selection process is for RETURNING UNION COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY.  All new students will be contacted via email to their Union Email Address with housing information for Fall 2016.***

ALL students living on campus next year including Greek, Theme, and Minerva houses must complete the online housing contract and profile by March 18, 2016 (not applicable to any graduating students). You will be able to continue to match with roommates until you actually select a room in April. 

Greek, Theme or Minerva houses:

If you are planning on living in a Greek, Theme, or Minerva house, once you have signed the terms and conditions and completed the questions your profile is complete (STEPS 1-4 in the attached "how to guide"). Please direct room selection process questions to the appropriate office (Greek houses - your house manager or the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Theme houses - house manager or Residential Life, Minerva houses - Office of Minerva Programs). 

Apartments, Fox, CPH:

Students planning on living in an Apartment (Seward, Roger Hull, Garnet Commons), Fox, or College Park Hall will need to complete: the housing terms and conditions, your individual profile, match with roommate(s) and eventually select housing in the online system (STEPS 1-13 in the attached "how to guide").

Students NOT Eligible due to conduct:

Students who have lost their housing selection privileges due to conduct issues must still sign their housing contract (STEPS 1-4 in the attached "how to guide"), but will be placed into housing after the room selection process ends.

All students:

Your specific date and time for selecting a room will be announced when you return from spring break. Once a student has completed their profile, they will receive a confirmation email that will include a copy of the housing/dining terms and conditions, and instructions on how to complete the next steps. 

  • Apartment Selection: Week 4 of Spring Term
  • General Room Selection: Week 5 of Spring Term


Login with your Union user name and password (without the @union.edu) here:  Union Online housing system

Have more questions?

    • Please contact the Office of Residential Life (or other appropriate office) with any questions at (518) 388-6117
    • Both the "How to" guide, and a copy of the instructions on the next steps can be found here: