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"I like the convenient structure - and find the lectures stimulating. This term was my first exposure to this wonderful local asset. And I will certainly return!" -Jim Burns

"UCALL has been a great source of pleasure - socially and educationally." -Jean Purcell Mastriani

"I look forward to each new UCALL session. UCALL has enriched my life in many ways." -Joan Ham

"This is my first UCALL experience and I am so grateful to be able to attend and be exposed to the caliber of presenters and audience. I fully expect to attend many more programs here at this wonderful school. -Connie Hogan

"UCALL provides SPICE and INSIGHT to my LIFE." -Barbara E. Grzelecki

"The choice of topics for the UCALL programs is excellent and intellectually very interesting and covers a wide variety of interests." -Al Moldenhauer

"Fascinating speakers on a broad range of topics and challenging questions from the UCALL participants. Makes me want to learn more - much more." -Lucy Comly

"UCALL is a celebration of true learning that is difficult to adequately describe but most enjoyable to experience." -Don Gavin

"I really enjoyed my first experience with UCALL. It was very well organized and the speakers are wonderful. I learned a lot. I can't wait for the fall session." -Susan Leach

"Great! Enjoyable! Informative! Interesting! I do appreciate the work involved in presenting these programs. Many thanks to the presenters." -Carolyn Brightman

"This is my first time taking UCALL courses. Wish I'd signed up earlier. The instructors are informative as well as down to earth, and the courses have opened my mind to increased enjoyment of the subjects. Many thanks to the men and women teaching at UCALL." -Marjorie Hobday

"'Taking a UCALL class at Union' is a great response to what are you doing these days?" -Virginia Bulla