Philosophy Department

Faculty & Staff

Professor Robert Baker

Research: ethics, medical ethics, the history of medical ethics.

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Robert Baker

Assistant Professor Marianna Bergamaschi Ganapini

Research: philosophy of mind, epistemology.

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Marianna Bergamaschi Ganapini

Research Professor John Kekes

Research: ethics, political philosophy.


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Research Professor Raymond Martin

Research: personal identity theory, the philosophy of history.

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Raymond Martin

Visiting Assistant Professor Andrea Pedeferri

Research: higher order logic, pluralism in philosophy of mathematics.

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Andrea Pedeferri

Associate Professor Krisanna Scheiter

Research: emotion and imagination in Plato and Aristotle.

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Krisanna Scheiter

Visiting Assistant Professor Curtis Sommerlatte

Research: Kant and Early-Modern philosophy, particularly concerning issues in epistemology and philosophy of mind.

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Curtis Sommerlatte

Professor Leo Zaibert, Department Chair

Research: philosophy of law, ethics, political philosophy.

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Leo Zaibert, Professor of Philosophy

Administrative Assistant Leahanna Pelish

Leahanna (Leah) Pelish is the Administrative Assistant for the Philosophy, Classics, Anthropology Departments and the Religious Studies Program. 

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Leahanna Pelish