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Physics and Astronomy Alumni

There is life after Union! Here is a listing of recent Physics & Astronomy graduates and what they are doing. This includes students who majored or minored in physics and/or astronomy. If you would like to correct or update information on this list, please send an email to Lynnette.

2019 alumni

Physics and Astronomy class of 2019

Class of 2019

Benjamin Beckwith
Sajju Chalise
Dana Dolinko
Taylor Kurtz
Max Libre
John Linarelli
Christopher (C.J.) Morgani
Aiyana Poulin - Ph.D. program, Ohio University
Maxwell Stwertka
Kevin Trigo
Simon Wallace
Cameron Yang

Class of 2018
Skye Conlan - Medical Physics M.S. program, Galway, Ireland
Genesis Guerra - Substitute Teacher, KIP NYC
Kerry Lewis
Brendan McGuire
Phoenix Mendes - Generation Teach Teaching Fellow
Mark Mininberg
Tuan Pham – Ph. D. program, U. Wisconsin Madison
Jason Turner – Ph. D. program, U. Wisconsin Madison (Applied Math)
Nathaniel Venuto
Jacob Zipkin - 8-year medical program, Albany Med

Class of 2017
Brian Cattafe - Data scientist, Kx Systems
Morgan Clark – Ph.D. program, North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Zackary Hersh - Recording Engineer Intern at Shelter Island Sound
Rebeka Kelmar – Ph.D. program, Notre Dame
Iseinie Mendez
Benjamin Nadareski – Global Business Development Associate for R3 CEV, Llc
Brendan O’Connor – Ph.D. program, George Washington U.
Paul Philpott – Project Engineer at QuEST Global

Class of 2016
Xavier Capaldi – Ph.D. program, McGill U.
Paul DiMeo - Implementation Technology Consultant at Paytronix Systems
Eric Egan – Global Foundries process engineer
Mathew Giso – Ph.D. program, Tufts
Harrisonn Griffin – Ph.D. program, McGill U.
Harry Hausner – Ph.D. program, U. Wisconsin Madison
Andrew Laugharn – Research Assistant, Quantum Matter Group, Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National U. of Singapore; Ph.D. program, U. Maryland
Shauna Le Febvre – Ph.D. program, U. Arizona, Optical Sciences
Andrew McCalmont - Assistant Scientist at SciTec, Inc.
Brent Shapiro-Albert – Ph.D. program, West Virginia U.
Michael Warrener – Ph.D. program, Yale U., Astronomy
Joshua Yoskowitz – Ph.D. program, Old Dominion U.
Yanci Zhang - M.S. program, U Penn; Algorithm Trading

Class of 2015
Salina Ali – Ph.D. program, Catholic University
Alexander Clain – research assistant at Bar Ilan University (Israel); Ph.D. program, Northwestern University
Stephen DiIorio – Ph.D. program, University of Michigan
William Harney – Tour guide for Tekapo Star Gazing, New Zealand; Claims Analyst, ImageRights
Caleb Novins – Design Assistant, Newgrange Design
Eason Zhao – Ph.D. program, Rice University

Class of 2014
Chris Allen – MSA/MBA program, Northeastern University
Sean Collison – Actuarial Analyst at AXIS Capital
Nathan Poulin – M.S., Biomedical Imaging, U. C. San Francisco
Will Linthicum – Ph.D. program in Biophysics, WPI
Vaishali Parkash – Fulbright to Goettingen, Germany, to do astronomy research; PhD program in astronomy at Monash University (Australia)
Alexandrea Safiq – Ph.D. program in Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers Univ.
Jeremy Smith – Ph.D. program in Physics at Univ. Connecticut
Lucas Viani – Ph.D. program in Astronomy at Yale University

Class of 2013
Pavel Aprelev – Ph.D. program in Material Science and Engineering at Clemson Univ.
Halley Darling – Senior Data Specialist / Solar Resource Analyst at Vaisala
Adam Margulis – Law school at the Michigan Law School; Attorney, LA
Mark Sullivan – working at Union, planning for graduate school in Germany
Colin Turley – Ph.D. program in Physics at Penn State
Matthew Wahl – Associate, Renewable Energy Development Program, GE
Christina Wong – Albany Med Physicians Assistant Program

Class of 2012
Hillary Bauer – Software Engineer at ezCater
Maria Battaglia – Medical School, U. Albany
Chris Johnson – Ph.D. program in Physics at Univ. Mass Lowell
Timothy Kuehn – Grad. school in computer science at Carnegie Mellon; Software Engineer at Solvvy, Inc.
Ana Mikler – Ph.D. program, Astronomy, University of Bonn
Robert Moore – M.E. RPI; System Operator at Cornell University
Erin Osgood – Lululemon Athletica Natick Collection; Customer Success Manager at Splunk
Anna Sise – Support Team Manager, James McGuinness; Marketing Director at Waku Inc

Class of 2011
Daniel Barringer – M.S, Penn State U.; Lecturer, Texas State U.
Peter Bonventre – Ph.D. program at Univ. Virginia; postdoc U. Kentucky
Colin Gleason – Ph.D. program at Univ. South Carolina; postdoc Indiana U.
Chad Harrington – Ph.D. program at Univ. Buffalo
Schuyler Hooper – Customized Solutions Associate, Eaton Vance
Steven Neier - Scientist I at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Archie Norkin – Software Developer, Daymon Worldwide
Katelyn O’Brien – M.Ed, Pace University; Physics teacher at Bronx Bridges High School
Daniel Otto – Software Administrator, Stockade Consulting Group
Pam Urresta – graduate school in Mathematics at Notre Dame
Michael Varughese – Albany Medical College

Class of 2010
Brandon Bartell – M.S., Computational Astrophysics at UNC-Chapel Hill; Business Analytics Associate, ZS Associates
Alex Handin – grad school at Boston University
Ben Miles – M.S. Mathematics, Rutgers; Nuclear Operations Engineer at Bechtel marine Propulsion Corporation
Shivani Pathak – Medical College of Virginia

Class of 2009
Dave Barker
Anna Gaudette – MBA, Texas A&M; LRP Coordinator, Phillips 66
Tom Perry – Minerva Fellow in Uganda, then PhD program in Physics, U. of Wisconsin; postdoc at Large Hadron Collider – hear a podcast interview with Tom and see this video!; currently high school teacher, New Mexico

Class of 2008
Scott Alfano – MBA, Rollins College; Business Analyst, Eagle Roofing
Paul Amy – Ph.D. program in Physics at RPI
Justin Blau – Technical Sales Representative, Fluid Management Systems
Richard Bonventre – Ph.D., Physics, U. Penn; Currently Chamberlain Fellowship, Berkeley National Lab, working on the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab: see this article. See also this award announcement!
Caleb Bower – Claims Adjuster, Allstate
Nathan Calabro – Astronomy TA in New Hampshire; YMCA Camp Takodah; Assistant Teacher, Churchill School
Steve Cohen – Actuarial Analyst at Maiden Reinsurance
Michael Gillin – graduate school at University of Kentucky.
Elliot Imler – graduate school in Neuroscience, Univ. Arizona
Dana Lasher – Field Engineer, Schlumberger
Bilal Mahmood – medical school at Dartmouth, resident U. Rochester
Matthew Newman
Stephen Po-Chedley – Minerva Fellow in Uganda, then Ph.D. program in Atmospheric Sciences at U. of Washington; fellow at Lawerence Livermore Laboratory
Christian Shultz – Ph.D. program in Physics at Old Dominion University
Crystal Smith – Actuarial Analyst, Everest Reinsurance
Shawn Wamser – M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern
Adam Wolf – MAT, Boston College; Physics teacher, Brookline High School

Class of 2007

Nate Hawes – Senior Engineer, GE Global Research
Sean Kane – IT Specialist, U. Albany
Alex Krickx – Project Engineer at Integral Group, Inc.
Matthew Lockwood – Senior Project Engineer, ERS
Sam Madden – Ph.D. program in Material Science and Engineering at Univ. Virginia
Robert Marvel – Worked for Starfire Systems, then Ph.D. Engineering, Vanderbilt
Michael Mastroianni – Ph.D. program in physics education at University of Albany; Associate Budget Examiner, Dept. of Education, NY State
Tom Mazur – Ph.D. Physics, Univ Texas at Austin; postdoc, Washington University Radiation Oncology
Charles McCaleb – MBA, Indiana Univ; Assistant Portfolio Manager, Driehaus Capital Management
James Read – M.Ed, Virginia Tech; Physics teacher at Kent County Public Schools; Student Life Coordinator, Virginia Tech
Matt Roginski – Medical school at University at Buffalo; Masters in Public Health at Dartmouth
Joshua Smith
Luther Vucic – M.S. Physiology, Georgetown

Class of 2006

Rob Katuska – Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual
Justin King – MAT Stony Brook; Physics teacher at Commack High School
Fatima Mahmood – Ph.D. program in Math at Cornell; Assistant Professor at U. Rochester
Matt Martin – Ph.D. Physics, RPI; Postdoc at NIST; Assistant Professor of Physics at Khalifa Univ.
Aaron Morris – M.S. Physics, Northern Illinois Univ.; Physicist, Radiation Safety Services
Nicole Sabbatino – Teaching high school physics at Sewanhaka High School
Ian Schaefer – M.B.A. Boston Univ; Marketing Product Manager Intern
Amy Serfis – M.S. Medical Physics, East Carolina Univ; Medical physicist, Maine Medical Center
Emily Ulanski – Ph.D. Physics, Rutgers.

Class of 2005

Evan Leibner – Penn State College of Medicine; Resident Physician
Mike Welsh – MAT Union; Physics teacher at Shenendehowa Central, Clifton Park, NY
Alyssa Maloney – Looking for work in consulting, considering an MBA.
Garrett Nilsen – M.S. European Solar Engineering School, Technical Advisor at Department of Energy – SunShot Initiative
Ryan McMartin – Support Engineer, PlanetTogether, Inc.
Barnaby Frumess – Working as account clerk, Sullivan County Community College

Class of 2004

Shaun Kennedy – Ph.D. program in Biophysics at the University of Michigan.
Jason Slaunwhite – Ph.D. program in Physics at the Ohio State University, postdoc at CERN
Jackson Reed – Ph.D. program in Physics at RPI.
Eric Greenwood – Ph.D. program in Physics at SUNY Buffalo; Assistant Professor at Univ. Southern Indiana
Brian Rice – working before a possible MBA.

Class of 2003
Jim Anderson – Ph.D. program, SUNY-Buffalo.
Joel Ott – Working for Bader Martin Accounting firm
Greg Schwanbeck – Teaching high school physics at Westwood High School
Joe Cefaly – Ph.D. program in physics at UConn.
Colin Fletcher – Project Manager at Zygo Corp., Bose
Nate Emerson – Ph.D. program in physics at Stony Brook. Teaching high school physics in Connecticut.
Smitesh Bakrania – Ph.D Mechanical Engineering at U of Michigan; Associate Professor, Rowan University

Class of 2002
Anna Hurst — working in San Francisco for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Jessica LaVine — working for Raytheon Corp.
Patrick Strong — working in financial services
Renee Rinaldi — Teach for America in NYC, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, St. Hope’s Leadership Academy, NY
Giles Siddons — M.S. in Physics, University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana

Class of 2001
Holly Burnside — coordinator for education and outreach in the College of Engineering at Drexel Univeristy
Mark Kostuk — Ph.D. Physics, UC San Diego; Center for Theoretical Biological Physics
Fred von Stein — Ph.D. Biophysics at Cornell; Research Associate at Cornell U.
Seth Madison — working for X-Ray Optical Systems
Alex Dieudonne — Ph.D. program in neurobiology at U. Washington

Class of 2000
Marin Richardson — Data Analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore
Peter Zannitto — PhD Physics, Brown; Shell Reservoir Engineering Leader
Rebecca Friedman — Teach for America
Peter Tomasi — employed at Vermont Information Processing
Adam Bradshaw — MAT program, Union to teach high school physics; Norwell Public Schools
Alex Militello — IT in Syracuse
Gabe Agnello — working for CVI Laser Optics