Job Title
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Steve Leavitt
Reamer 306

Stephen Leavitt began serving as Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students in 2003, after serving ten years on Union's faculty in the Department of Anthropology. For three years he also had jointly run the Union Scholars Program.

Dean Leavitt oversees all student-oriented departments outside of academics, including Campus Safety, Residential Life, Becker Career Center, and Dining Services. Dean Leavitt believes that the Student Affairs program works best with students actively involved in all dimensions of student life. Students and staff on the Student Affairs Council oversee residential and social needs for students, and several departments also have committees upon which students may serve.

He grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went to Swarthmore College as an undergrad and UC San Diego for his PhD in cultural anthropology. He has done field research in Papua New Guinea and the Fiji Islands. He is married to Karen Brison, also at Union in the Department of Anthropology.

Leavitt is committed to using the Dean of Students Office to provide as many supportive services as possible for Union students. He welcomes visits from students in his office at any time, and is happy to correspond via You can make an appointment by calling (518) 388-6116 or (518) 388-6061.