Office of the President


Oct. 2, 2018

Dear Members of the Union College Community,

Over the past year, and in recent weeks, there has been heightened national discussion about sexual assault and harassment. I want to be clear that as President of Union College, my position is unequivocal. First, we must do all we can to prevent harassment and assault of all types. Second, we must acknowledge that bringing a claim of assault or harassment requires tremendous courage. Evidence shows that people rarely make claims that they know are false. Third, we must investigate all claims fully and take actions if allegations are substantiated. I have been working with colleagues to understand the progress we have made in this area in recent years, and to identify what more we can do. Being brothers and sisters at Union requires nothing less.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or subjected to sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking, there are numerous options and avenues of support you can pursue. Visit our Title IX website to learn more. There are also resources available at the Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center should you want to talk with someone about stress created by the national focus on sexual assault and harassment.

Take care, David