Library Research Fellows

About the Library Research Fellows

Schaffer Library is excited to introduce peer-led learning in our Research Services Department. Our undergraduate Library Research Fellows will provide services that are complementary to those of our reference librarians. Like all professionals you will meet at the Reference Desk, Research Fellows will assist you with research, directional, policy, and basic technology questions, and will make referrals to subject experts when applicable.

Meet The Library Research Fellows



Jack is a senior from Hingham, Massachusetts. He is an economics major with a double minor is history and philosophy. He is currently working on his thesis, which is based around hydraulic fracturing’s effect on the United States economy. He has done research on a variety of topics including World War II’s creative destruction on American automobiles, the socio-economic problems that lead to high crime rates in South Africa, and how religious values effect environmental views. He is a curious learner and is eager to help you with your research.



Michael Solazzo is a senior from Fairfield, Connecticut. He is a Managerial Economics major and a double minor in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. He is currently working on his thesis, which is focused on retiring in a low interest rate environment and the transition from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans. During sophomore year, he wrote a research paper examining how prepared the Baby Boomer generation is for retirement.



Mohamed Omane is a senior from Portland, Maine. He is a Computer Science major, with a Chinese and an Economics minor. He is working on his thesis, which is focused around computational economics and agent-based modeling. He is interested in a multitude of topics, ranging from Mao-era Cultural Revolution to integration of facial-recognition software in government. On-campus, you will likely find Mohamed at the Language Center or the Unity Room in Reamer.



Will is a Senior from Schenectady, New York. He is a political science and economics ID major with a classics minor. During his time at Union, he has conducted several research projects including the effects of terrorist attacks on hate crimes in America, the lobbying for bills in New York State Government, and migration patterns of Middle Eastern Refugees into Europe. He enjoys talking sports, movies and food and would love to help you with your research.