Format Specifications for Electronic Copies

Format Specifications for PDF Files

A copy of each honors thesis must be self-submitted to the College Institutional Repository, Union | Digital Works in electronic form (exceptions to this policy are noted in the box below).

Submit one PDF file that includes a Title Page, Table of Contents (if available), Abstract, and the thesis content. This PDF file should have no restrictions or security implemented. Keywords to increase discoverability should be manually entered into the self-submit page when adding your file to Union | Digital Works.

Images: All images within these documents should not require outside applications (such as QuickTime) to display properly. Open your thesis file(s) on another, non-Mac computer to check this.

File Names: Please name your file(s) in the following fashion: 2021, underscore, your last name, your first initial. Example: 2021_SmithJ.

  • If you have more than one file, place numbers at the end. Example: 2021_SmithJ1, 2021_SmithJ2, 2021_SmithJ3.

  • If you are submitting more than one thesis, continue the numbers throughout. Example: Thesis 1: 2021_SmithJ1 ; Thesis 2: 2021_SmithJ2, 2021_SmithJ3


The library copy of any thesis or project work which cannot be submitted in print form (such as original works of art) should be discussed by the student with library staff at the time the work is submitted for final approval. (See contact information below.) The library staff will discuss options and, when possible, assist in making arrangements for representing this material in the College archive and in its thesis repository. Audio and Video Formats: Submit audio or video files in a shared Google Drive folder directly to the respective department administrative assistant, checking to be sure that it can be played successfully on both Mac and Windows systems.

For electronic format questions not answered by this document, contact the Digital Projects and Systems team at or