Residential Life

Break Housing

Summer Housing Information

Residence halls will close for all students not involved in Commencement on Friday, June 9, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. All students graduating in June must move out by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Summer housing will be available in College Park Hall only. Rates will be:

  • $89/week for double occupancy rooms
  • $120/week for single occupancy rooms

The applications for summer housing are live in the housing portal.

Step 1: Log into using your Union username and password.

Step 2: Click on the “Applications” tab at the top and select “Summer Housing 2023 Application”.

Step 3: Read and sign off on the terms for staying over the summer break, answer the questions, and select “continue” to submit.

Applications are due by Friday May 12, 2023 at 11:59pm

  • Please note only students with a need are eligible for summer housing such as research, internship, international and or/job on campus.

  • Summer housing will begin on Sunday June 11, 2023 and will conclude on August 12, 2023. You will be able to select the number of weeks you would like via the application.

If you have any questions regarding summer housing please email or call our office at (518) 388-6117.

Summer Dining Information

Students will be able to purchase Declining Funds for use at Dutch Hollow in Reamer Campus Center. We will be offering a 10% bonus on all purchases over $50. For example, if you purchase $50 in declining funds, you will have $55 in purchasing power available to you. Any left over declining can be rolled over to the fall term. Dutch Hollow will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30a to 4:30p. Dutch will have its traditional grill offerings (including breakfast all day) as well as expanded grab and go options.

There will be arrangements offered to students to have access to equipment and locations to prepare their own food should they wish to do so.

Summer RA Positions

Summer RA Application - due April 23, 2023 by 11:59pm

Summer Resident Advisor Job Description

Being a Summer Resident Advisor (SRA) is not only a fun experience, it’s an opportunity to be a positive role model and a student leader with students living in your residence hall. The SRA position is an opportunity to learn essential skills and responsibilities that will be valuable in your education and in your professional career. SRA’s are responsible for all facets of residential life throughout the summer program, including programming and maintaining a positive environment for students living in the residence halls.

The roles and responsibilities of the Summer Resident Advisor include but are not limited to:

  • Develop a sense of community and respectful environment for students living in the residence hall.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with residents by being available and approachable in the residence hall. Plan and implement a social program bi-weekly that incorporate our core values.
  • Create a set of door decorations for your summer residents.
  • Respond to emergency and critical incidents involving residents related to health, safety, and security issues.
  • Foster communication and community among residents and fellow staff members.
  • Communicate regularly with Residence Director (supervisor).
  • Maintain a positive attitude and support for Residential Life and Union College while working as an agent of the College.
  • Confront and document College and Housing policy violations in the Residence Hall.
  • Demonstrate appropriate and responsible behavior at all times, both inside and outside your designated hall, and follow all policies and procedures set forth by the College.
  • Complete Room Condition Reports (RCRs) for each room in your building.
  • Complete all administrative paperwork required.
  • Conduct check-in’s and check-out’s as students are moving in and out of their rooms each term.
  • Balance time and responsibilities of SRA position, academics, and extra-curricular activities effectively.

Compensation for Summer RA

  • Full single room waiver for the Summer 2023 term
  • $400 salary for the term either in one lump sum at the end or two $200 payments over the course of the term

Dates of Employment
Employment begins June 11, 2023 and will go until August 12, 2023

Conditions of Employment
All offers for the SRA position are conditional, based on academic performance and student conduct standing for the remainder of the academic year. If an SRA new hire drops below the minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 or is found responsible for a violation of Union College’s Student Code of Conduct, the SRA position offer may be rescinded by the Office of Residential Life.