Residential Life

Housing selection process

NOTE: The Housing Selection process is for RETURNING UNION COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY. All new students will be contacted in June via email to their Union email address with housing information for Fall 2019.

** Deadlines and instructions for 2019-20 **

Greek, Theme or Minerva Houses:

If you are planning on living in a Greek, Theme, or Minerva House, once you have signed the terms and conditions and completed the questions your profile is complete. Please direct room selection process questions to the appropriate office (Greek houses - your house manager or the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Theme houses - house manager or Residential Life, Minerva houses - Office of Minerva Programs).

Apartments, Fox, CPH:

Students planning on living in an Apartment (Seward, Roger Hull, Garnet Commons), Fox, or College Park Hall will need to complete: the housing terms and conditions, your individual profile, match with roommate(s) and eventually select housing in the online system.

Your specific date and time for selecting a room will be announced when you return from spring break. Once a student has completed their profile, they will receive a confirmation email that will include a copy of the housing/dining terms and conditions, and instructions on how to complete the next steps.

  • Apartment Selection: Week 4 of Spring Term
  • General Room Selection: Week 5 of Spring Term

Students NOT Eligible due to conduct:

Students who have lost their housing selection privileges due to conduct issues must still sign their housing contract, but will be placed into housing after the room selection process ends.

Housing FAQ:

  • I've submitted my housing application but need to make a change to my answers (one of the various questions regarding preference/lifestyle or emergency contact information). How can I do this? Students need to email and request that their application be cleared. Once this is done the student can submit the application again.
  • As a current student I submitted the housing application but selected the wrong meal plan. How do I change this? This change can not be made by clearing out the application. Students will need to wait until the first 5 days of the fall term and go to the Union College Hospitality (Dining) Office to change their meal plan.
  • I have questions on how to complete the housing application or match up with a roommate (for current students)? Detailed videos on how to complete these processes are available under the Housing Selection tab of the Residential Life website. For current students- there will be information sessions available during the spring term.
  • I'm an incoming first year student and would like to request a specific building or roommate. Is that possible? A survey from the Dean of Studies Office will ask for an incoming first year students' building preference and roommate request, along with questions regarding major/minor, precept preferences, etc. Our office uses the information from the Dean of Studies survey to assign them housing. Their personal answers to the preference/lifestyle questions, from the housing application, will be used for our housing software to match them to a roommate.
  • I live locally and would like to commute. How do I request that? Do I still need to complete the housing application? Email and indicate your class status, home address (must be living with a parent/guardian within 30 miles of campus) and request to be a commuter. Someone from our office will get back to you. If you are approved for commuter status you do not need to complete the housing application.
  • I’m an Incoming First Year Student and am having trouble logging into What do I do? Students should contact ITS at (518) 388-6400 as this may be an issue with the email set-up/login.

Have more questions?

Please contact the Office of Residential Life (or other appropriate office) with any questions at (518) 388-6117