Residential Life

Off-Campus Release

The Off Campus Release process for the 2023-2024 school year

DEADLINE: FRIDAY, January 27, 2023 by NOON

1. Off-campus leases should not be signed without first having permission to live off-campus from the Office of Residential Life. Signing a lease without permission will not release applicants from Union College’s four year residency requirement or any on-campus financial obligations due to the College.

2. ALL students interested in living off-campus MUST attend an information session. Sessions are offered below

Fall 2022 Term Information Sessions

· Wednesday October 12th @12:50pm Reamer Auditorium

· Friday October 28th @ 12:50pm Reamer Auditorium

· Monday November 7th @ 12:50pm Reamer Auditorium

Winter 2023 Term Information Sessions

· Thursday January 5th @ 3pm via Zoom

· Wednesday January 18th @ 12:50pm Reamer Auditorium

· Monday January 23rd @ 1:00pm Reamer Auditorium

· Wednesday January 25th @ 4:00pm via Zoom

3. Permission to reside off-campus will be limited to a designated number of rising Union seniors, based on enrollment numbers and other additional factors.

4. Permission to live off-campus is NOT automatic. Release will be based on successfully completing all aspects of the application (group essay questions and individually completed community service hours). Essays will be anonymously reviewed by a committee (comprised of an administrator and student peers). Applications will be ranked based on quality. A waiting list will be established by the same process at the time.

5. For financial aid questions regarding off-campus living, students can contact the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 388-6123 to make an appointment with a counselor.

6. All students’ conduct history (at the start of Winter 2023 term - 1/3/2023) will be considered and students at a point total of 6 or more will be notified that their conduct history excludes them from participating in the off-campus lottery. Current point totals will be taken into consideration as a part of each application. Current student conduct, including any charges that are filed after submitting an application that has been approved, could result in a loss of the privilege.

7. Prior to submitting an application, students are responsible for checking with the Registrar to confirm their class status, which is based on the number of credit hours completed.

8. Each student must complete all aspects of the application and sign for themselves. If a student on the application is currently on a term abroad, an email must be attached to the application with that student’s permission and documentation should be attached for community services hours completed.

9. Students may only appear on one off-campus application. If a name appears on two applications the student will be contacted and asked to select one application.

10. The off-campus application will not be accepted if all aspects of the application are not completed for each individual student in the group.

11. If off-campus permission is not granted, applicants will be required to participate in the housing lottery and live on campus.

12. The Office of Residential Life does not sanction or inspect off-campus property and does not mediate landlord/tenant issues. Students living off-campus are responsible for managing all landlord/tenant issues independently of the College.

13. Members of Greek organizations should be aware of their chapters’ house occupancy. Students seeking off-campus residency for the 2023-2024 academic year must first consult with the Director/Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life regarding house occupancy expectations. Students released from their Greek house residency requirement are not automatically guaranteed a release from the on-campus housing requirement and students released off campus are not automatically released from Greek house obligations.

14. All students approved to live off campus must complete the Off-Campus Housing Confirmation form by Friday, March 3rd, 2023. Failure to complete the confirmation sheet could result in a forfeiture of a spot off-campus.

15. Applicant groups who lose members due to any issues above will not be allowed to add additional members after the lottery and may jeopardize the application. Be honest with your group regarding your conduct status, credit hours earned, and financial ability to live off campus.

16. Students who will be 23 years of age, or older, as of September 1st, 2023, can apply as an individual for Off Campus Release due to being of a non-traditional age. Please indicate this on your application.

17. More information can be found here in the Student Handbook

18. Students can apply either individually or as part of a group (more than one individual). If applying as part of a group, the total per person average conduct points will be taken into consideration. Students are waitlisted based on how they apply (either individual or in a group). If you apply as part of a group and are waitlisted, you will be classified as a group on it.

Find more information and application here (must be logged in using Union credentials)

If you have questions, please contact or Fareeza Islam