Residential Life

Move-In Information (First-Year Students)

Welcome Class of 2024! Thank you for your patience while we worked out the final details for residential move-in. Our goal is to create a seamless process while maintaining the safest conditions for everyone involved. Please read this communication carefully. Following all of the steps below will ensure a smooth arrival to campus.

Please be aware these plans may change due to state or federal guidance.

Pre-arrival belongings drop-off

As first-year students living in Fox, Davidson, Richmond and West, you are eligible to sign up for a time to drop off your belongings in your room ahead of your move-in date. Pre-arrival drop-off will occur Aug.17-22. This is not a move-in date and it is not required. Pre-arrival drop-off is being offered to reduce density in our larger buildings during move-in days. You will only be permitted to be in the building for two hours to deposit your belongings in your room. A Union staff member will open the room for you and secure it after you depart. You may bring one additional person to assist you. You must both wear face coverings at all times, register and attest to being COVID-19 symptom-free upon arrival to campus. Use your Union email and this form to sign up for a date and time to drop off your belongings.

Regardless of whether you participate in pre-arrival drop-off, below are the steps all students need to take for moving into their on-campus residence:

Step 1:

Sign up for a move-in time using your Union email address. The time you select is the time you will arrive on campus. There are limited slots for each time to facilitate a staggered move-in and provide the safest environment possible. Please select the move-in time that is appropriate for you. You will only have access to the move-in time blocks that are designated for your cohort. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that requires you to move in on a date other than the one(s) for which you qualify, please contact Residential Life at

First-year student move-in - Sept. 4 & 5

Some groups of students will have different move-in dates. Please check below if you belong to any of the following sub-groups of incoming first-year students:

Step 2:
Arrive on campus during your designated time. Do not arrive earlier or later than expected. You will go directly to the COVID-19 testing site located in the Memorial Field House (Building 62 on the Campus Map). Upon completion of your test, you will then proceed to the Residential Life tables in the Viniar Athletic Center to pick up your welcome packet and room key.

NOTE: You cannot move on to Step 3 until your test is complete and you have received your welcome packet and room key.

Step 3:
Move into your residence hall room. You may bring up to two people to help, but only one of those helpers can enter the building at a time. Helpers may remain on campus for two hours after your test has been completed and must depart at that time. As noted above, everyone must wear a face covering at all times and be COVID-19 symptom-free upon arrival to campus.

NOTE: When packing to come to Union, please think about how you would leave if we had to quickly vacate campus. Only bring things that you would be able to take with you by whatever means of transportation you will use to get home. We strongly recommend you minimize the possessions you bring to campus this fall. Past experience shows that we may need students to move out on short notice and may not be able to provide access to rooms for an extended period of time. Shipping and storing of belongings may not be possible.

Step 4:
Begin your pre-test result quarantine. You must remain in quarantine until you receive your test results, which we anticipate will be within 48-72 hours. Union will ensure that you have the support you need during the quarantine period. More details about the quarantine process will be shared at a later date. It is important to note that quarantine means that you must remain in your room at all times. Your meals will be delivered to you. Please come prepared with anything you may need during that quarantine time frame.

NOTE: If you are affected by the 14-day quarantine, you will be expected to quarantine for the full 14 days prior to move-in. Information regarding the 14-day quarantine will be sent separately to those who register.

Thank you for your patience as we prepare for your arrival. Please continue to read your email to make sure you receive the most up-to-date information.