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Permanent Art Collection and Exhibitions resources

How do I access resources from the Permanent Art Collection or Exhibitions?

The Permanent Collection & Mandeville Gallery department

Available to support faculty with methods of integrating artwork from the permanent collections or gallery exhibitions within teaching.

Please contact the or Julie Lohnes (

Collections Online: A selection of collections can be seen on our website.

Artists Talks Online: Some of our past events were recorded and available on our website.

We can also do the following for you:

  • Create a webpage with artworks you select to be used in teaching, with images and information from our database for each item.
  • Send individual images to you or students for close study (not to be republished or printed).
  • Hold zoom meetings to discuss artwork or look at work in-depth.
  • Consult via zoom chat or email to help with research or study of collection items.
  • Chats or videos with exhibiting artists Jane Swavely or Juan Hinojosa.