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The Strategic Plan

Union College's Planning & Priorities Group has approved the latest round of special grants that support the College's Strategic Plan. Implemented projects include:

  • The Union College Concert Series, for promotion in regional and national media outlets.
  • The Political Science Department, to re-launch and re-invigorate a local political internships course.
  • The Office of Admissions, to enhance diversity outreach by paying transportation costs for students to visit campus, and to place ads in publications targeting students from diverse backgrounds.
  • The Kelly Adirondack Center, to launch a series, "Young Leaders: Diversity and the Environment."
  • Expand the bystander intervention training to combat sexual assault.
  • Create the Union College Idea Lab, an interdisciplinary project that will foster creative and innovative thinking.
  • Develop an online end-of-care community-based learning program and palliative care fellowships.
  • Fund a two-year fulltime historical records projects archivist to conduct a survey of special collections and archival material held by the College.
  • Support an initiative for Union to become a tobacco/smoke-free environment.
  • Support the 15th anniversary of the Kenney Center

2013 Strategic Plan

The 2013 Strategic Plan will further Union's mission as a scholarly community that educates students to be engaged, innovative and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global and technologically complex society.

The plan represents the collective vision of the Union community in how to best build on our strengths to make the College a distinctive and continually improving institution. Just as we did in 2007, we have divided the plan into foundational elements and differentiators that provide a clear and compelling path to ensure that Union remains the college of choice for highly qualified students, faculty and staff.


  • Academic Quality
  • The Learning Environment
  • Sustainable Stewardship of Resources


  • An Academic Village that reflects the Diversity of the World
  • Integrative Thought and Action for the 21st Century
  • A Distinctive Past Connected to an Innovative and Creative Future

Strategic priorities

Highlights of the 2013 Strategic Plan can be viewed through the lens of three essential components of a Union College education: the ability to think, connect and act.


  • Focuses explicitly on ensuring that Union provides a deep and broad curriculum in order to prepare student for the contributions that we expect them to make in the world.
  • Engages students throughout the curriculum in developing skills for addressing the kinds of questions that are of significance to humanity.
  • Makes a renewed commitment to providing opportunities for close interaction between students and full-time tenure-track faculty.
  • Creates more learning spaces in classrooms, laboratory buildings and residence halls.


  • Explores how emerging technologies can be incorporated into the campus environment in ways that will enhance faculty-student interaction, not replace it.
  • Focuses on the integration of an active learning component into students’ extracurricular education.
  • Encourages Union College to promote wellness of the “whole” person to ensure a healthy balance among mind, body and spirit.
  • Provides an educational experience that combines both theory and practice throughout the curriculum.
  • Equips students to make personally meaningful plans for their college careers and beyond.
  • Draws from the strengths of our past to guide our future.


  • Incorporates social responsibility both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Defines sustainability broadly and applies it to all of our resources.
  • Strengthens the role of the rich offerings of our location to help students understand the value of local study and action, and how they relate to global understanding.
  • Creates and sustains new ways of supporting students and faculty so they can continue to make important contributions to humanity.