Thriving at the Intersections

Tawreak (Ty) Gamble-Eddington

HOMETOWN: Springfield, Mass.
MAJORS: History, Political Science
MINORS: Political Economy (Organizing Theme minor), Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Tawreak (Ty) Gamble-Eddington

With two majors and two minors, Ty Gamble-Eddington is perfectly poised at the intersection of disciplines.

“I do a lot of interdisciplinary work in classes such as history, economics and sociology,” he says. “My minor in political economy, which I designed myself, explores how politics and economics are intertwined.”

Even his hobbies relate to his areas of study. “I watch early European documentaries and political news channels for fun,” he says.

An aspiring lawyer with an international focus, Ty has had many opportunities to connect his classroom education with real-world learning while also focusing on his career goals.

He studied Holocaust history in Warsaw, Poland, on a Union summer mini-term, and worked with incarcerated and homeless individuals on a fall term abroad in Cordoba, Argentina. On campus, he conducted research on Argentinian human rights with his political science professor.

“I couldn’t have asked for more,” he says. “I really fell in love with all of my classes, and I have wonderful professors and advisers who are experts in their fields and who helped me chart the best course for my future.”

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