Student Success

Student Employment Opportunities

The Office of Student Success offers several employment opportunities to students. All students are welcome to apply, regardless of work study eligibility. Below are all of the positions we are looking to fill for Fall 2022:

First-Year Inquiry Mentor

The first year of college can be a challenging one, especially as we are faced with demanding academics and adjusting to a new environment. Apply to be a mentor and help a small group of first year students as part of our First-Year Inquiry Mentor pilot program. Apply here now!

Math Coach

This upcoming fall term, we will be piloting a math coaching program with Math 105. Math Coaches will be paired up with a section of Math 105 to help students gain a better understanding of course content. Math Coaches will be required to attend their assigned section of Math 105. To read more about this position and apply, click here.

Peer Academic Coach

Do you have a passion for helping your peers succeed? If so, Peer Academic Coaching may be a great fit for you! To learn more about this position, please click here.

Supplemental Instruction Leader

SI Leaders facilitate review sessions for historically challenging courses. Click here to learn about the SI model and our hiring process.