Department of Theater and Dance


Union professors are active in their fields, regularly exhibiting their work and garnering awards in prestigious shows.

William A. Finlay

Professor of Theater; Director of the Morton and Helen Yulman Theater

B.A., Rhode Island College; M.F.A., University of Connecticut

Areas of expertise: combat choreography

Yulman Theater 120
 (518) 388-6475

Patricia Culbert

Senior Artist-in-Residence in Theater

B.A., Tufts University; M.F.A., Boston University

Areas of expertise: vocal and performance training

Yulman Theater 118
 (518) 388-6448

Andrew Mannion

Lecturer of Theater and Dance; Scene Designer

Areas of expertise: theater design, painting, carpentry and technical directing

Yulman Theater 118
 (518) 388-6564

Daniel Venning

Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance

B.A., Yale University; M. Litt., University of St. Andrews; Ph.D., City University of New York

Areas of expertise: Shakespearean performance

Henle Dance Pavilion 202
 (518) 388-6473

Brittney Belz

Lecturer of Theater and Dance; Costumer

B.F.A., University of Connecticut at Storrs; M.F.A., University of Virginia

Areas of expertise: historical clothing

Henle Dance Pavilion 109A
 (518) 388-6145

Robert J. Bovard

Senior Lecturer of Theater; Technical Director

B.S., Lehigh University; M.F.A., Trinity University

Areas of expertise: scenery; set design

Yulman Theater 207
 (518) 388-6145

Miryam Moutillet

Gustave L. Davis, Class of 1959, and Susan S. Davis Director of Dance

B.S., Skidmore College

Areas of expertise: Ballet; choreography; Asian studies

Henle Dance Pavilion 107
 (518) 388-6145

Laurie Zabele Cawley

Dance Program Coordinator; Instructor

B.A., Kent State University

Areas of expertise: Modern somatic studies; choreography

Henle Dance Pavilion 201
 (518) 388-7034


Freddy Ramirez

Dance Instructor, Tap and Dance

B.F.A., State University of New York at New Paltz

Eric Hatch

Dance Instructor, Hip Hop

B.A., Point Park University

Christine Geren

Dance Instructor, Ballet and Pilates

B.A., Mercyhurst College